Siemens GCA Series(18Nm)

Siemens GCA Series
18Nm for approx
3m2 damper area
90s run time
15s SR time

Air Damper Actuators with spring return

Control Signal Operating Voltage Standard Model Feedback Potentiometer Adjustable Offset/span Adjustable Offset/span eith Two Auxiliary Switches Feedback With Two Auxiliary Switches Two Auxiliary Switches Dimensions,Round Damper Shaft(mm) Dimensions,Square Damper Shaft(mm)
2-position AC/DC 24V GCA121.1E - - - - GCA126.1E 6.4-20.5 6.4-13
AC 230V GCA321.1E - - - - GCA326.1E
3-position AC/DC 24V GCA131.1E GCA132.1E - - - GCA136.1E
DC 0-10V
AC/DC 24V GCA.161.1E - GCA163.1E GCA164.1E - GCA.166.1E
Modbus RTU AC/DC 24V GCA.161.1E/MO - - - - -
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