The best alternative to traditional galvanized ducts and a reliable solution to install on ducted splits is flexible air ducts. These ducts are produced from aluminum and polyester layers strengthened with high tension hard steel spring wire. Aluminum flexible ducts, combi flexible ducts, and pre-insulated flexible ducts could be counted as examples of these products. In addition, these ducts are packed in 0.5 to 1m boxes length of which would become about 10m after unpacking.

One of the major advantages of flexible ducts is the easy implementation of duct connections and diffusers in suspended ceilings and also the connection of air ducts to plenum boxes. Furthermore, providing these products would save both time and price due to the prefabrication and pre-made connections. However, it should be noted that flexible ducts have a higher pressure drop (up to 50%) compared to the same diameter galvanized ducts. Moreover, it had better check the pressure drop tables and graphs for precise planning due to the standards, codes, and national restrictions of using the maximum length of flexible ducts.

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